The 2021/22 Season is our 30th Anniversary!!

Airdrie Dance Academy Studio

THINGS YOU WILL NEED TO KNOW for the Upcoming 2021/22 Dance Season…

COVID information and procedures.
A. 2021/2022 SEASON

The 2021/22 Season will begin Saturday, September 11th and run until the end of April. The 30th Annual Anniversary Follies 2022 will be tentatively held April 29 – May 1st, 2022. Public school holidays are observed. Mrs. Susan Laing is the director and main instructor (Miss Susan). Info is posted online under the students section. Please stay informed.


Full tuition or monthly payments will be accepted by Visa or MC. ALL ACCOUNTS require a credit card number to be kept on file. Specific payment information is included with the online registration process. Credit Card payments will be set up for the first of the month. Class Times and Prices are subject to change.


The registration fee is non-refundable.


One month’s written notice is required prior to a withdrawal. Failure to give sufficient notice will forfeit the next month’s payment. (September/April fees, are non-refundable). Credit card info will be deleted to avoid any further charges. Recreational and Toddler Sessions are non-refundable.


Regular classes will participate in 3 competitions. These are usually local however, a travel competition may be considered. Creative will not be included in competition. Competition/Studio Fees are approx. $85.00 + GST/competition/dancer/routine. These fees are due by October 30th. ALL competition choreography and competition preparations are done in regular class time. Classes are run efficiently and are organized in order for all dancers/parents to be ready for the competition experience. Creative and Recreational classes do not participate in competitions.


Recital costumes will be ordered before Christmas. Costs start at $185.00. There is a charge for recital tickets. Please be aware of these costs and budget accordingly. Costume fees are due in October.

  1. Classes are held at 291070 Yankee Valley Blvd —0.4 km east on Yankee Valley Blvd. (North side).
  2. Rules are as stated in the Studio Handbook. This is available under the students tab.
  3. Proper dancewear is required every week. Hair must be out of the dancer’s face.
  4. Jewelry is not allowed.
  5. Parents are asked to email if there is to be an absence. Please leave the dancer’s name, class and time in the message. Refunds are not made for dancer’s missed classes.
  6. No food or drink (except water) is allowed in the studio/building.
  7. All footwear must be removed once inside the building.
  8. No smoking or pets allowed on the property.
  9. Parking is available.
  10. Some parent volunteering is required later in the season.
  11. The yard/house is all off-limits.
Straight from dance class in Airdrie