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It is the responsibility of all accounts to be aware of the Studio Policies.

Please read through the terms below. Before completing your registration you will need to accept the policies, terms, and conditions. All Policies are included in the Studio Handbook on the website.


Full Season
  • Registration fee of $40/dancer is due at registration form submission for all Full Season Classes.
  • Once Registration Form is received, classes will be assigned and confirmation will be sent by email.
  • September/April fees are due upon confirmation of classes and will be applied to the credit card that was used for Registration
  • Please be advised that the Registration and September/April fees are non-refundable.
  • Classes/schedule/fees/teachers are subject to change.
  • ALL ACCOUNTS require a credit card (Visa/MC) number and expiry to be on file. It is the responsibility of the account holder to keep credit card information updated.
Other Classes
  • RECREATIONAL / TODDLER SESSIONS must be paid in full by credit card at the time of registration. These classes are non-refundable.
All Classes
  • Upon receipt of payment, the registration process is considered complete.


  • All accounts will have a $50.00 Service Charge/Administrative Fee on all payment changes and declined Credit Card transactions. The amount of the original payment, plus the $50 Service Charge/Administrative Fee, will be charged directly to the credit card on file. It is the responsibility of Credit Cardholders to ensure that Credit Cards on file are current and valid, and to inform the Office of any changes to Credit Card information.
  • Late payments will be assessed a late payment fee of $50/ month.  Any fees not received by the 7th of the month will be charged this fee. Accounts may be suspended if payments are not received. Any late payments will be applied to the credit card on file without notice.
  • Costume / competition / studio fees are due October 30. Costume fees start at $195 plus tax. Competition/Studio fees start at $140 + GST/competition/dance/student. Costume and Studio fees are non-refundable.
  • Other costs may include photos, recital tickets, workshops, studiowear, and ballet exams.
  • Kidsport and Jumpstart Funding is accepted. The tuition must be paid up front and once the Kidsport fee is received, it will be refunded to the account.


  • One month’s written notice is required prior to a withdrawal. Failure to give sufficient notice will forfeit the next month’s payment. Credit card information will be removed. (Registration Fees, September/April fees and costume/studio fees are non-refundable)
  • RECREATIONAL / TODDLER SESSIONS are non-refundable.


  • Dancers/Parents are responsible to review policies and information in the Studio Handbook, which will be online at www.airdriedance.ca under the Students tab.
  • Parents are responsible for keeping their account information up to date and to be aware of all studio activities such as watching dates, recitals, extra classes, and studio closures.
  • Dress code information will be included with your confirmation and will be available in the Studio Handbook.
  • The studio yard/house are off limits.


As the legal parent or guardian of the above student, I release and hold harmless Airdrie Dance Academy, it’s owners, operators, instructors and volunteers from any and all liability, claims, demands and causes of action whatsoever, arising out of or related to any loss, damage or injury that may be sustained by the participant and/or the undersigned, while in or upon the premises of Airdrie Dance Academy, it’s owners and operators or in route to or from said premise or to and from competition/dance-out/exam locations.

The 2024/25 Season begins September 9, 2024 and runs until April. Miss Susan (Mrs. Susan Laing) is the director and main instructor. Classes are held at 291070 Yankee Valley Blvd – 0.4k east on Yankee Valley Blvd (north side).


During the dance season, Airdrie Dance Academy will normally make the parent/guardian name, phone number and e-mail address, as well as each dancer's name available to the "Class Parent" for contact purpose to pass on relevant class/studio information to you.


Photos and/or videos of students/parents/guardians in publications (such as flyers/brochures), advertisements (such as newspapers or online ads), our Studio Website, or on social media sites (such as the Studio's Facebook, Instagram, or private YouTube Channel) may be used. No financial compensation will be for the use of these photos/videos. In some cases, child's first name and/or parent/guardian name may be used.

All Policies are included in the Studio Handbook on the website.

What others are saying...

jen mci
jen mci
My kids love going to their dance classes. They work hard and have fun! Everyone is kind and supportive. Choreography, costumes, and music selections are age appropriate. Instruction is scaffolded so that by the end of the year, students come so far even when they are considered beginners. Amazing!
Nathalie Gunther
Nathalie Gunther
Miss Susan’s love for dance and all her students are what keep families coming back year after year. She renewed my daughters love of dance with her encouraging words, warmth, and love of dance. She continuously encourages dancers of all genres to have fun and makes them believe they are amazing no matter what their skill levels are. ADA is your studio of choice if you want your child to develop skills, friendships, and the courage to do anything they want.
renee miller
renee miller
Airdrie Dance Academy is a very great dance school- Miss Susan and her staff always have always put 100% into each and every dancer. They are all approachable and very kind. I enjoy the fact that my daughter gets to be a kid! With the structure and choreography of each dance - family and fun can be had. Miss Susan’s love for her students and her love for dance shines as brightly as her smile!
Alicia Fisher
Alicia Fisher
My daughter loved the dance classes ! Such a warm and inviting space. Despite her anxiety and shyness, she really enjoyed everything. She made new friends, sheovercame her shyness and the activities increased her mobility. As well, the recital was a beautiful first for us both, and truly was a confidence building experience ! As a momma of four, three of them boys, it was absolutely a wonderful experience ????
Farran Harkonen
Farran Harkonen
A very inclusive and caring studio with excellent quality programming. Our girls have thoroughly enjoyed Airdrie Dance Academy and Ms. Susan is great!
Terry Reichel
Terry Reichel
We could not ask for better teachers for our kids for Dance of all ages.
Katie Steele
Katie Steele
Best Dance Studio in Airdrie! Mrs.Susan and her staff are amazing and make it fun for the kids.
Michael Cox
Michael Cox
The best dance school.
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