Dance Class Schedule

Dance Season 2024/25


400-430 Creative Ballet (Age 4)
430-500 Jazz 1 (Ages 5-6)
500-530 Tap 1 (Ages 5-6)
530-600 Inter Hip Hop (Ages 10+)
600-630 Boys 1/2 (Ages 6-10)
630-700 Boys 3 (Ages 11+)
700-745 Jazz 9 (Ages 12+)
745-830 SR Hip Hop (Ages 14+)


400-445 Inter Contemporary (Ages 9-12)
445-600 Grade 4/5 Ballet/Pre Pointe
(Ages 10+)
600-645 Pointe (Ages 12+)
645-745 Grade 7/SR Ballet (Ages 13+)
745-830 SR Lyrical (Ages 13+)
830-915 Teen Ballet (Ages 13+)


400-430 Tap 2 (Ages 6-8)
430-500 Jazz 2 (Ages 6-8)
500-545 Jazz 4 (Ages 10 -11)
545-630 Tap 3/4 (Ages 8+)
630-730 SR Tap (Ages 13+)
730-830 SR Jazz (Ages 15+)


400-430 Jazz 3 (Ages 8-9)
430-500 JR Musical Theatre (Ages 6-8)
500-530 JR Hip Hop (Ages 6-9)
530-615 Inter Musical Theatre (Ages 9-12)
615-700 SR Musical Theatre (Ages 13+)   
700-800 SR Contemporary (Ages 13+)


Ballet is not required for Contemporary or Lyrical. (but is recommended)
Jazz is not required for enrollment in Hip Hop. (but is recommended)
Grade 4 and Grade 7 Ballet are Exam classes and are twice a week.
All classes are subject to change.
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315-430 Grade 7 Ballet-Exam
430-515 Pre/Primary (Age 5-6)
515-600 Grade 1/2 Ballet (Ages 7-9)
600-715 Grade 4 Ballet-Exam
715-800 Inter Lyrical Jazz (Ages 10+)


900-945 Recreational Dance Mix (Ages 5-8)
945-1015 Toddler Ballet (Ages 3-4)
1015-1045 Toddler Musical Theatre (Ages 3-4)
Session 1 - (6 weeks) Sept 14-Oct 26
Session 2 - (6 weeks) Nov. 2-Dec. 7
Session 3 - (6 weeks) Jan 4-Feb 8
Session 4 - (4 weeks) Feb 22-March 15

What others are saying...

jen mci
jen mci
My kids love going to their dance classes. They work hard and have fun! Everyone is kind and supportive. Choreography, costumes, and music selections are age appropriate. Instruction is scaffolded so that by the end of the year, students come so far even when they are considered beginners. Amazing!
Nathalie Gunther
Nathalie Gunther
Miss Susan’s love for dance and all her students are what keep families coming back year after year. She renewed my daughters love of dance with her encouraging words, warmth, and love of dance. She continuously encourages dancers of all genres to have fun and makes them believe they are amazing no matter what their skill levels are. ADA is your studio of choice if you want your child to develop skills, friendships, and the courage to do anything they want.
renee miller
renee miller
Airdrie Dance Academy is a very great dance school- Miss Susan and her staff always have always put 100% into each and every dancer. They are all approachable and very kind. I enjoy the fact that my daughter gets to be a kid! With the structure and choreography of each dance - family and fun can be had. Miss Susan’s love for her students and her love for dance shines as brightly as her smile!
Alicia Fisher
Alicia Fisher
My daughter loved the dance classes ! Such a warm and inviting space. Despite her anxiety and shyness, she really enjoyed everything. She made new friends, sheovercame her shyness and the activities increased her mobility. As well, the recital was a beautiful first for us both, and truly was a confidence building experience ! As a momma of four, three of them boys, it was absolutely a wonderful experience ????
Farran Harkonen
Farran Harkonen
A very inclusive and caring studio with excellent quality programming. Our girls have thoroughly enjoyed Airdrie Dance Academy and Ms. Susan is great!
Terry Reichel
Terry Reichel
We could not ask for better teachers for our kids for Dance of all ages.
Katie Steele
Katie Steele
Best Dance Studio in Airdrie! Mrs.Susan and her staff are amazing and make it fun for the kids.
Michael Cox
Michael Cox
The best dance school.
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