Ages 9 - 13

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Full Year
(Sept - April)

A beautiful introduction to classical ballet as presented by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). We offer exams for those who have shown the required dedication and progress.
Ballet Grade 3 (Ages 9-11)
Ballet Grade 4 (Ages 12+)
Grade 6/SR Ballet (Ages 13+)
Pre/Pointe (Ages 12+)
Teen Ballet (Ages 13+)
*Note, Grade 3 & Grade 6 Ballet is twice/week


Full Year
(Sept - April)

A great style of dance for the energetic child. Cool music!! Fun movement!!! Technique is mixed in with current trends for a fun flare.
Jazz 3 (Ages 9-10)
Jazz 6 (Ages 11-12)
Jazz 8 (Ages 13-14)

Hip Hop

Full Year
(Sept - April)

Learn the foundations of Poppin, Lockin, Breakin, House and Party Dances. This class is hard work but worth the results!!!
JR Hip Hop (Ages 7-11)
Inter Hip Hop (Ages 12+)

Musical Theatre

Full Year
(Sept - April)

FUN FUN FUN!!!!! These are super fun classes that incorporate singing, dancing and acting. Improvisation is a main tool used to create and explore character development, team work, communication and creativity!!!
Inter Musical Theatre
(Ages 9-12)
SR Musical Theatre
(Ages 13+)


Full Year
(Sept - April)

Fun classes that will make your feet become a musical instrument. Great for young kids that want noisy shoes as their rhythm, style and clarity of sound will become their main focus while they are having fun!!
Tap 2/3 (Ages 7-10)
SR Tap (Ages 13+)

Boys Only

Full Year
(Sept - April)

Based on hip hop technique. This is strictly for boys–ages 6 and up.
Boys 1 (Ages 6-10)
Boys 2 (Ages 9-12)


Full Year
(Sept - April)

An abstract class that explores a variety of movement styles resulting in a Contemporary Dance Routine. No Ballet requirement.
Inter Contemporary (Ages 9-12)
SR Contemporary (Ages 13+)


Full Year
(Sept - April)

A beautiful class that connects a soft flowing style of dance to the music’s lyrics.
Lyrical (12+)


Full Year
(Sept - April)

This is a combination class of those getting ready for pointe and those en pointe. Teacher recommendation required to join Pre Pointe.
Pre/Pointe (Ages 12+)


  • No Ballet requirement for Contemporary or Lyrical (but it is recommended).
  • No Jazz requirement for Hip Hop (but it is recommended).
  • All classes are subject to change.

What to Wear?

We have a full list of all the dancewear for each class in our  students handbook.

What are the fees?
Full Year Classes (Includes GST)
30 Minute Classes $54.60/month
45 Minute Classes $69.30/month
60 Minute Classes $85.05/month
75 Minute Classes $111.30/month

For full year classes there is a one time registration fee $40 per student per year
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