• Competition Information

  • Competitions

    Dancers need to be in the rehearsal area-ready to dance (full hair, make up and costume) one hour prior
    to their posted stage time. Class moms will be with them until a teacher arrives.

  • Competition Locations

  • TransCanada Theatre, Old College, Olds, Alberta

  • Arts Centre, Red Deer College, Red Deer, Alberta

  • Competition Preparation Policy

    Dancers’ progress and attendance is noted throughout the year. Once choreography for the routines begin, the progress and attendance is even more vital. Any dancer falling behind will be “put on notice”. They will have 2 weeks to show progress or they will receive another “notice”. Anyone still on “notice” during competition time will not be able to participate and fees are non-refundable. Regular attendance and consistent practice will build confidence in your student and contribute to a healthy dance experience. Students missing classes due to family vacations may also fall behind. Communication with your instructor prior to your trip may avoid any unnecessary consequences afterwards. Decisions to put a student o notice will not be taken lightly!!

  • Solos/Duets Guidelines

    Dancers are chosen by Miss Susan. Criteria for selection includes: current enrollment in ballet, a strong technical base in the area of solo selection, a true love of dance, regular attendance, hard work in class, enthusiasm and most important, a positive attitude. Selection for this is a privilege.