Follies 2023
31st Anniversary Celebration

Saturday, April 29th, 2023

TBA (Showtimes)

Follies 2019

Recital Procedure

  • DANCER ARRIVAL TIME is 30 minutes prior to show times. All dancers must arrive in costume, hair and make up done.  Costume changes are the responsibility of the parents.
  • GIRLS WITH 3 or more costume changes, may set up their stuff in the GREEN ROOM.  They must change in there and then return to the LOBBY/MULTIPURPOSE area to wait for their next dance.  This room must be kept clean!!! NO food is allowed in this room, only water bottles.
  • BOYS CHANGING ROOM will be the first washroom downstairs (stage right).  They must change and then return to the LOBBY/MULTIPURPOSE area to wait for their next dance.
  • OTHERS NEEDING A COSTUME CHANGE will use the public washrooms in the lobby.  Parents may leave the show to come and change their dancer.  Please leave the audience after a dance has finished and return to your seat between dances.  Please be mindful of your fellow audience members. (we will also have our TENT for quick changes)
  • DANCER'S GROUPS will be assembled in the LOBBY/MP in their designated area-Look for signs.  Dancers with more than one dance will go to their first performance group--dance-change and then go to their next performance group.  DANCERS will have access to watch the lobby's television which will be showing the performance live.
  • DANCERS--Please bring a blanket to sit on and some socks (to keep your feet warm and cover tap shoes). Personal electronics are also allowed-with the volume shut off!! We are not responsible for lost/stolen items. 
  • WATER IN PLASTIC BOTTLES and a non-messy/peanut free snack is allowed. 
  • DANCERS are not allowed to leave the building during the show.  We have supervisors in the LOBBY/MP area.  They are only allowed to leave once the show is complete.
  • ALL DANCERS will be a part of the finale.
  • CLASS MOMS are not required to be in the LOBBY/MP area during the show.  If you would like to wait with your group prior to showtime, that would be wonderful.  We have showtime supervision looked after.  Thank you for your help this season!!! It has been greatly appreciated!!

**Theatre policy is "everyone entering the theatre must have their own ticket".

Thank you, Miss Susan and staff

Just wanted to pass on my appreciation for all the hard work that has gone into this past dance year! I love it that I can pay $20 to see my favourite dance show, from the littlest cuties to the talented seniors. I am always teary when I see them for their final dance, and I think it is strong evidence that something worthwhile is happening at this studio.

Every year I am amazed by the creativity of the choreography and the way that the dancers come together so beautifully for the last show! This year I had a chance to experience Miss Susan for myself with the Adult Hip Hop class and along with having a blast, learned a bit more about how much effort it takes to get to the final product – I don’t have enough words to describe how very cool it was to see the senior Hip Hop class effortlessly pull of the little bits of choreography I struggled to learn!

So thank you Miss Susan for bringing the world of dance to my family, we hope to be involved for many, many more years – I’m pretty sure that even after my kids are done that I will look forward to buying a ticket to watch the best dancers and instructors in Airdrie!

Grateful Dance Mom

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