• Follies 2018

    26th Anniversary Follies!
    May 4th - 5th, 2018


  • Recital Procedure

    • Check in with your class mom and group 30 minutes prior to show time—in costume, hair done and make-up on.
    • Groups will assemble in the gymnasium in a clockwise pattern. Proceeding in the same order as the program.
    • Water bottles and games are allowed.
    • NO FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED—only water.
    • NO SHOES ARE ALLOWED IN THE GYM. (including Parents!!! dropping off or picking up kids)
    • Each group may want to bring a blanket to put on the floor. Bedroom slippers or thick socks may also help to keep your feet warm.
    • Dancers are not allowed in the audience unless they are NOT participating in the show that is being presented on stage at that particular time!! For example, dancers who are only in Showcase A are not allowed in the audience during Showcase A but are encouraged to purchase a ticket and watch Showcase B.
    • Only one class mom is required per performance!!! Unless exceptions have been arranged with Miss Susan.
    • Dancers are required to stay for the entire duration of each performance. There will be a Grande Finale for each show. Everyone will participate.
    • Running time is approximately 1 ½ hours for each show
    • Parents must pick up their dancers immediately after each show.
    • DVD order forms are available online and at the door to order your commemorative copy of Follies 2018.
    • No one is allowed in the cafeteria or the cafeteria washrooms. They are OFF LIMITS!!

    Thank you, Miss Susan and staff

  • Important Information

    Showcase A & B
    Tickets Go On Sale

    Monday, April 9th at 6:00 p.m.

    Click here to purchase tickets

    Cost is $25.75/ticket plus service charges

    The Bert Church Theatre's policy states that "Everyone entering the theatre must have a ticket - including babes in arms".
    Please be aware of this and plan accordingly.

    Thanks for all of your support,
    Miss Susan


    Any remaining tickets will be on sale at the door. Please be advised that the BCT policy states--Everyone who enters must have a ticket, including babes in arms.

    This is very specific!!

    I am paying extra for the convenience of using the gym.  Anyone acting in an inappropriate manner or breaking the rules will be excluded from the weekend’s performances and will be held liable for any damages.


  • Follies 2018 “Showcase A”

    Friday May 4th 6:30 pm
    Saturday May 5th   3:00pm

                 1      Maids-- Senior Musical Theatre -- Teacher: Susan Laing
                 2      When Can I See You Again-- Jazz 2 A ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
                 3      Become-- Grade 4 Ballet‑ Teacher: Natasha Krochak
                 4      Boogie Fever-- Pre Jazz/Jazz 1 ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
                 5      Palladio--POINTE ‑ Teacher: Natasha Krochak
                 6      Us Chickens--Musical Theatre 1/2 ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
                 7      I Don't Dance-- Hip Hop 5/6 ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
                 8      Zip A Dee Doo Dah--Creative A ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing 

    SOLO—Ashley Davidson -- Breathe—Teacher: Susan Laing (Friday 6:30 pm)
    DUET—Charlie Doyle & Kate Thibault—Sailors—Teacher: Susan Laing (Saturday 3 pm)

                 9      Victory Of Life-- Ballet 8/9 ‑ Teacher: Natasha Krochak
                10      Fairy Forest-- Pre Primary Ballet ‑ Teacher: Natasha Krochak
                11      We No Speak Americano-- Jazz 6 ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
                12      Poltava-- Mini Ukrainian ‑ Teacher: Natasha Krochak
                13      The Voice Within-- Senior Lyrical ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
                14      Philadelphia Chickens-- Tap 7 ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
                15      Arrival Of The Birds-- Grade 3 Ballet‑ Teacher: Natasha Krochak
                16      Never Grow Up-- Lyrical 5/6 ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
                17      Where Is The Love? -- Senior Hip Hop ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing 

    SOLO—Madison Maxwell—Thumbs—Teacher: Susan Laing (Friday 6:30 pm)
    SOLO—Kaylee Scheerschmidt—Blue—Teacher: Natasha Krochak (Saturday 3 pm)

               18      Big Time Boppin-- Pre/Tap 1 ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
               19      Mickey-- Jazz 3 ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
               20      The Heart-- Ballet 5/6 ‑ Teacher: Natasha Krochak
               21      The Bird Dance-- Creative A ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
               22      Ya Gotta Feed Da Funk-- Boys 2 ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
               23      Together Again—Senior Jazz ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing 

    FINALE—Entire Cast

  • FOLLIES 2018 – “Showcase B”

    Saturday May 5th 11 am & 7 pm

                  1      Ghost Busters-- Musical Theatre 3 ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
                  2      Swing Set-- Senior Tap ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
                  3      Soundwave-- Jazz 9 ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing 

    SOLO—Arianna Neumiller – Hurricane – Teacher: Susan Laing (Saturday 11 am)
    SOLO—Courtney Lenz – Grey – Teacher:  Natasha Krochak (Saturday 7 pm) 

                  4      Monsters-- Jazz 2 B ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
                  5      Hit Me Up-- Hip Hop 3/4/5 ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
                  6      Wonderland-- Primary Ballet ‑ Teacher: Natasha Krochak
                  7      Lyra—Senior Ballet - Teacher: Natasha Krochak
                  8      Pencil Full of Lead-- Tap 3 ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
                  9      Cinnamon Tap-- Tap 4/5 ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
                10      Raining Sunshine-- Beginner Jazz ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
                11      Hopak-- Inter Ukrainian ‑ Teacher: Natasha Krochak
                12      Unbelievable-- Jazz 5 ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
                13      Ice Dance-- Ballet 3/4 ‑ Teacher: Natasha Krochak
                14      Do Not Go Gentle Into That Dark Night-- SR Cont ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
                15      Geronimo-- Jazz 8 ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing 

    SOLO—Nikolette Taylor—Lights – Teacher:  Susan Laing (Saturday 11 am)
    SOLO—Ayvrielle Taylor – Ballet -- Teacher:  Natasha Krochak (Saturday 7 pm)                     

                16      Flying-- Grade 1 Ballet ‑ Teacher: Natasha Krochak
                17      Squadron "A"-- Tap Theatre ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
                18      Nerd Hop-- Boys 1 ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
                19      I'm A Lady-- Jazz 4 ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing 

    SOLO – Ashley Davidson—Party Dress – Teacher: Susan Laing (Saturday 7 pm)                     

                20      Love Will Find You-- Lyrical 8/9 ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing
                21      No Money!!! -- Inter Musical Theatre ‑ Teacher: Susan Laing

    FINALE—Entire Cast

  • Just wanted to pass on my appreciation for all the hard work that has gone into this past dance year! I love it that I can pay $20 to see my favourite dance show, from the littlest cuties to the talented seniors. I am always teary when I see them for their final dance, and I think it is strong evidence that something worthwhile is happening at this studio.

    Every year I am amazed by the creativity of the choreography and the way that the dancers come together so beautifully for the last show! This year I had a chance to experience Miss Susan for myself with the Adult Hip Hop class and along with having a blast, learned a bit more about how much effort it takes to get to the final product – I don’t have enough words to describe how very cool it was to see the senior Hip Hop class effortlessly pull of the little bits of choreography I struggled to learn!

    So thank you Miss Susan for bringing the world of dance to my family, we hope to be involved for many, many more years – I’m pretty sure that even after my kids are done that I will look forward to buying a ticket to watch the best dancers and instructors in Airdrie!

    Grateful Dance Mom