9 Steps to Prepare for the Brand New Dance Season in Airdrie

You are no doubt acquainted with preparing for ‘back to school’ when August arrives, however if your child is going to participate in dance lessons, it is very important to take steps to get ready for the brand-new dance season!

Below is a list of things to consider as you and your child prepares for the beginning of dance.

1. Register

Even though this is obvious, there are a few things to consider when planning for dance. If your child has danced with us before, you may have a pretty good idea which classes they would prefer. If your child is looking to dance with Airdrie Dance Academy for the first time, you can begin by deciding what style of dance your child may be interested in or thinking about. You can check out what classes we offer, based on age, on our class web page.

2. Add Important Dates to your Calendar

As soon as registration is complete and you have confirmation of the classes they are signed up for, as well as the schedule, be sure to put the information into your calendar. If your dancer is taking more than one class, color coding them can be a great way to organize and see at a glance what’s coming up.

It’s also a great idea to add practice times to your calendar. Practice gives them more confidence in their dances and more confidence in themselves. 

Look ahead on our calendar online and add special dates to your schedule as well for things like performances, studio breaks, measuring day, and other notable dates.

3. Inventory Your Dancewear

If they have danced in the previous year, take out last year’s dance clothes and look them over. Donate dancewear that no longer fits and toss out tights, socks and other dance items that are stained or have holes. Get an accurate look at what your dancer actually has for the dance season and replace what is needed.

LABEL EVERYTHING with your dancer’s name inside so that we can get misplaced items back to you.

4. Review the Dress Code

Each class has a particular dress code and footwear requirements to get the most out of the classes. In most cases the footwear will also be used for the performances. It is very important to practice in the shoes they will be performing in. If you need to buy any of them online, be sure to give yourself time to return them if they do not fit properly. You can view our dress code in our students handbook.

5. Water Bottle

You will want a water bottle for your child that you can refill at home and is large enough to last through their dance class – especially for older dancers who have longer classes or those who have classes back-to-back. Be sure it is a bottle that you can put your dancer’s name on so they are not lost. Food and other beverages are not permitted in the dance studio. Hydration is essential for your dancers’ muscles and also provides energy.

6. Stock up on Hair Supplies

Long hair needs to be secured away from your dancer’s face. Hair is a distraction and we want it to be out of the way to ensure that your child can focus in class. Purchase strong elastics for class and keep extras in your dancer’s dance bag.

7. Stock Your Dance Bag

You can make the afternoon and evenings less frantic by preparing your dance bag ahead of time so that you can grab and go. Below are a few things you can include:

• Water bottle
• Dance Shoes
• Hair Accessories
• Lip Balm
• Tissues and/or wipes
• Activity or book if there is downtime between classes

8. Sleep Well

During the summertime, it’s very easy to get off of a regular sleep routine. This can impact your dancer’s overall patience, motivation, and energy. That’s why it’s so important to get into a great sleep schedule. Sometimes consistency can be tough, but the more regular the better it will be.

9. Spread Your Sparkle!

Dance is all about Energy, Enthusiasm, and FUN! Come in to class with positive energy and an eagerness to learn, and be prepared to discover new things. Have a state of mind that this is going to be the best dance season ever and infect those around you with your shine!

We love and are looking forward to sharing it with you!
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Susan Laing

Susan Laing

Susan is the Artistic Director, Owner, and Founder of Airdrie Dance Academy. She is the head instructor for Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Creative, Contemporary, Lyrical, and Boys Only.

Miss Susan, as she is known by her students, has a beautiful smile and a caring personality. Besides being an accomplished instructor in Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Highland, Musical Theatre and Creative Dance, she also helps guide students through many of life’s challenges.

She has been teaching dance for 28 years.

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