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COVID Information


Airdrie Dance Academy is providing this document as our guideline in the best interest of your children and the most vulnerable of the population.

This document will be updated as needed to be compliant with any AHS guideline updates.

This document has been created in conjunction with the guidelines as provided by Alberta Health Services (AHS) for the COVID-19 Phase 2 Relaunch Strategy. VIEW GUIDANCE DOCUMENT.

To see a video on our new procedures for coming to class, please click on the button below.


  • Families/students are expected to familiarize themselves with all published protocols and policies prior to entering the Airdrie Dance Academy facility.
  • All families/students will be asked to complete the COVID 19 self-screening tool prior to entrance and commencement of any activities within our facility. Anyone exhibiting symptoms cannot enter the facility or participate.  VIEW SCREENING TOOL HERE.
  • Students who become symptomatic during an activity are required to be isolated from others and must return home immediately.
  • Students are required to practice proper hand hygiene (wash or sanitize hands upon entering and exiting the facility and after touching any commonly touched surfaces) and practicing proper respiratory hygiene (sneeze or cough into elbow or tissue).
  • Students are asked to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to the start of class and will be asked to leave immediately after class finishes.
  • We request that Students try to reduce the use of our bathroom. Please use the bathroom at home before and after class as much as possible.  No changing into dancewear in the Washroom.  The washroom door will be used as one of our entrances/exits to the studio to help with flow of traffic.  We will be providing an online orientation to familiarize all families/students with the process of entering and exiting the building and dance classes.
  • Students should arrive ready for class (they should only change into their dance shoes upon arrival at the Studio). Students should wear street shoes that they can take off and put on by themselves. Outdoor shoes must be placed neatly on the carpet in the Lobby, jackets hung on the hooks provided.  Water bottles will be permitted and there will be designated spots within the dance class to place water bottles.  Please leave all extra items at home (just come with your shoes, coats and water bottles).
  • Parents are no longer permitted to wait in the Lobby of the Studio – the viewing window will not be available to watch through and the curtain will remain closed at all times. Creative Ballet, Pre Tap, Pre Primary, Toddler Hip Hop and Toddler Ballet students may enter with one parent  A staff member will collect the children for these classes and then the parent will be asked to leave the building until the class is finished.  That same parent may then enter to collect their child once the staff has returned them to the Lobby.
  • Students are asked to leave the studio after their class is finished and return only for their next class start. (i.e.: if you are in SR Tap at 645-730 pm and SR Jazz at 830-930 pm, you must not remain in the building between those classes).
  • In conjunction with our cleaning service, facility cleaning will be increased and enhanced. Common areas will be disinfected regularly.  Hand sanitizer will be located throughout the building.
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